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How to get Whisky

The main version of Whisky is, while developed actively, not available as open source. However, we provide here a stripped-down version of Whisky under an open source license. This version is not as actively developed, but should be enough to get e.g. students started on relativistic hydrodynamics within the Cactus framework.

The primary source to obtain the source code is a tarball, but Subversion repositories are also provided for easier client updates. The public version is dual-licensed under the GNU General Public License versions 2 and 3.

It would be nice to tell us who you are when you download it. This is not a requirement, but would help us to have an overview of how widely Whisky is used. If nevertheless you do not want to give information here, please do not insert bogus data, simply leave the fields blank. Please also consider joining the Whisky users mailing list.

We also request that proper credits are given when using this code and specifically that the two following papers are always cited:

The following paper should be cited if using the excision scheme implemented in Whisky: If you use bibtex you can use the following bibtex file.

By clicking the Download button below you agree to these conditions.

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Information on how to download and compile Cactus/Carpet/Whisky together with some simple parameter files can be found here.

The development version of Whisky is not completely public domain, although many of the components that make it works are. In order for the instructions to work you will need a SVN login to the SVN server at least, and for some thorns (such as BSSN) to the AEI server. If you need a login and don't have one, contact the developers mailing list. If you run into problems, check the FAQ before contacting the developers.

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