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Whisky: thornlists, parameter files and examples

In what follow you can find some basic instruction on how to download whatever you need to run a single neutron star (a TOV) using the public version of the Whisky code. If you need help with any of these steps contact either Bruno Giacomazzo or the Whisky users mailing list.

How to download and compile Cactus/Carpet/Whisky

  • First of all you will need to have both svn and git installed on you machine.
  • Download the GetComponents script.
  • Download this thornlist.
  • Run the GetComponents script on the Whisky.th thornlist: ./GetComponents -a Whisky.th
  • Save the public version of Whisky (tarball) inside the directory arrangements in your Cactus directory and unpack it. Alternatively, use GetComponents a second time with the thornlist containing only the Whisky thorns, provided after you clicked 'Download' on the download page: "./GetComponents -a Whisky_only.th".
  • You should now have a directory named Whisky inside arrangements and it should contain the following directories: Whisky, Whisky_IVP, Whisky_Init_Data, Whisky_TOVSolverC
  • Compile Whisky using the thornlist Whisky.th (the same you used to download it). For architecture specific options you can have a look at these configuration files (e.g. xeon.cfg), and then run the commands (gmake is sometimes only called make):
    • gmake whisky-config THORNLIST=Whisky.th options=xeon.cfg
    • gmake whisky
  • Run the testsuite to check that all is in order, i.e.,
    • gmake whisky-testsuite
  • Download one of these more complicated parameter files and start running.


Whisky.th contains all the thorns needed to run a TOV star with adaptive mesh refinement using the public available version of Whisky.

Parameter files

TOV.par uses Whisky_TOVSolverC to produce a stable TOV which is then evolved using a dynamical spacetime. This parameter file uses Carpet in unigrid mode, but it can be generalized to add more refinement levels.

This page is maintained by Bruno Giacomazzo, Frank Löffler, and Luciano Rezzolla.