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Whisky Retreat - July 17th 2004

The plan is to hold a short meeting in Golm on Saturday July 17th. The aim of this meeting is to look at the current status of the code and projects that are using it, and to look at our short to medium term plans.

A draft programme is now up. This is fairly tentative and we'll chop and change as need be.

Planned participants are

  • Luca Baiotti (SISSA)
  • Roberto DePietri (UP)
  • Bruno Giacomazzo (SISSA)
  • Ian Hawke (AEI)
  • J M Ibanez (UVEG)
  • Daniel Kobras (TAT)
  • Frank Löffler (AEI)
  • Andrea Nerozzi (UP)
  • Christian Ott (AEI)
  • Jochen Peitz (TAT)
  • Luciano Rezzolla (SISSA)
  • Erik Schnetter (AEI)
  • Ed Seidel (LSU/AEI)
  • Joel Tohline (LSU)
  • Olindo Zanotti (UV)
  • Burkhard Zink (MPA)

Accomodation will be provided in the Landhotel, Golm. This is 15 minutes walk (3 minutes bus) from the institute and has a bus stop directly in front. Buses to Potsdam go every 20-30 minutes for most of the day. A timetable, somewhat incomplete, can be found here.

Maps of the campus and how to reach the campus from the train station and Landhotel can be found here and more general directions (e.g., from airports) on the institute webpages.

A few more details can be found on a previous meeting webpage.

Some visitors are planning a more extended stay. Current planned dates are

  • Luca Baiotti (14-18)
  • Roberto DiPietri (16-18)
  • Bruno Giacomazzo (14-18)
  • J M Ibanez (15-18)
  • Daniel Kobras (16-18)
  • Andrea Nerozzi (12-17)
  • Jochen Peitz (16-18)
  • Luciano Rezzolla (27/6-22/8)
  • Joel Tohline (13-18)
  • Olindo Zanotti (15-18)
  • Burkhard Zink (13-17)

In case of questions please mail the organizers.

Last updated: 14th July 2004

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