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Whisky Retreat II - June 8-10th 2005

Cosupported by ILIAS and ENTApP

The plan is to hold a meeting in Potsdam between Wednesday June 8th and Friday June 10th. The aim of this meeting is to look at the current status of the code and projects that are using it, and to look at our short to medium term plans.

The meeting will take place in the office in Babelsberg (Benzstrasse 8/9, 14482 Potsdam).

A draft programme is now available. This is fairly tentative and variations are very likely. However, the plan is to start Wednesday afternoon and to have informal talks of about 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes or more of discussion, on the topics that are proposed by the participants and that will be announced later in the program.

For the time being, planned participants are

  • Marcus Ansorg (AEI)
  • Luca Baiotti (AEI)
  • Roberto De Pietri (UP)
  • Harald Dimmelmeier (MPA)
  • Pablo Cerda Duran (UV)
  • Bruno Giacomazzo (SISSA)
  • Ian Hawke (US)
  • Daniel Kobras (TAT)
  • Frank Löffler (AEI)
  • Gian Mario Manca (UP)
  • Alessandro Nagar (PT)
  • Christian Ott (AEI)
  • Jochen Peitz (TAT)
  • Luciano Rezzolla (SISSA)
  • Erik Schnetter (AEI)
  • Ed Seidel (LSU/AEI)
  • Nikolaos Stergioulas (AUT)
  • Burkhard Zink (MPA) [will join from LSU on AccessGrid]

Accomodation will be provided in the Guesthouse or in hotels in Babelsberg or Potsdam.
A few more details on accomodation possibilities and transport can be found on a previous meeting webpage.

Last updated: 7th June 2005

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