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Whisky Retreat III

The third Whisky Retreat was held in the reading room at SISSA, in Trieste (Italy) beginning in the morning of the 22nd (WE) until the the afternoon of the 24th (FR) of November 2006.

Here and here you can read the past announcements for the meeting. You could register by writing an email to Frank Löffler, but now it is rather pointless. We have been also able to support some participants by paying (parts of) their tickets and/or hotel costs. You should have indicated this to Frank Löffler. Thanks for this support have to go to Kostas Kokkotas.

The aim was, like in the previous retreats, to obtain an overview of the current work on and with Whisky and in particular to discuss about the future of its development. There was a very loose program, made out of a list of suggestions of the participants. At the start of the meeting the following items have been mentioned. Note that this schedule changed during the meeting and those changes are not reflected here. We started with administration/politics issues:

  • We: Arrangement handling (stable / development)
  • We: Licence/Usage permissions/Politics
  • We: Webpage
After this was sorted out, we turned more towards the code/physics:
  • We: 15:30 Luciano Rezzolla:"Collapse of compact objects"
  • Th: 09:00 Bruno Giacomazzo: "The WhiskyMHD code: current status and future applications"
  • Th: 09:45 Radiation transport and Whisky
  • Th: 10:00 Problems / possibilities of mesh refinement and Whisky (vertex vs. cell centered, ect.)
  • Th: 10:45 Higher-order hydro (>2nd order)
  • Th: 11:15 coffee break
  • Th: 11:45 Frank Löffler: Mixed Binaries
  • Th: 15:00 Comparison with other codes
    • Wolfgang Kastaun: "Pizza vs. Whisky"
    • Harald Dimmelmeier: "CocoNut vs. Whisky"
  • Th: 15:45 coffee break
  • Th: 16:00 external Seminar
  • Fr: 09:00 Split of Whisky (the base thorn)
  • Fr: 09:15 Gian Mario Manca: "Dynamical instabilities of rapidly rotating neutron stars"
  • Fr: 10:00 Thosten Kellermann: "2D with Whisky"
  • Fr: 11:00 coffee break
  • Fr: Wave extraction
    • 11:30 Andrea Passamonti: "Quadrupole corrections of the wave extraction for rotating stars"
    • 15:00 Alessandro Nagar: "What is wrong in wave extraction and how to improve it?"
  • Fr: 15:30 Pedro Montero: "Magnetised Tori"
  • Fr: 16:00 coffee break
  • Fr: 16:30 open discussion

We usually started at 09:30 in the morning with a coffee break at 11:00, had a lunch break sometimes around 13:00, a cofee break at 16:00 and stopped whenever we thought we finished for that day.

The list of participants was:

Namearrival datedeparture date notes
Andrea Passamonti
Alessandro Nagar
Bruno Giacomazzo
Ernazar Abdikamalov
Frank Löffler
Gian Mario Manca
Giovanni Corvino
Harald Dimmelmeier
Ian Hawke by video conference
John Miller
Luca Baiotti
Luciano Rezzolla
Nikolaos Stergioulas24.11.25.11.
Pedro Montero
Roberto De Pietri
Wolfgang Kastaun

It was already known that the following people could not come:

Burkhard Zink
Christian Ott
Daniel Kobras
Erik Schnetter
Jochen Peitz

Below are some links to pages explaining how to reach Sissa (or ICTP, which is right besides Sissa). The meeting took place in the reading room of the library at Sissa. The library is at the 1st floor and you could find the reading room at the back of it.

This page is maintained by Bruno Giacomazzo, Frank Löffler, and Luciano Rezzolla.